ESCAPE-pain app launched!

The ESCAPE-pain app is finally here!

The app reproduces the ESCAPE-pain programme, so that anyone with osteoarthritis can benefit from it, and it will also help people who have been on the programme and are looking for support to continue to exercise at home. It is available free for Apple and Android devices.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you’ll soon be able to access the app content here on the ESCAPE-pain website.

The latest edition of the ESCAPE-pain newsletter can be found here.

ESCAPE-pain originated at the Dulwich Community Hospital with a large scale study that compared the ESCAPE-pain programme with usual GP management. ESCAPE-pain showed greater benefits in function and self-efficacy and these were maintained over time. The study also showed cost benefits to the NHS.

Sevenoaks Hospital then piloted a comparison study of ESCAPE-pain versus standard physiotherapy. Both showed improvements in function and self-efficacy, however the patients in the ESCAPE-pain group showed longer lasting improvements.


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